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The attention given smoking and pregnancy received a surprising amount of attention.  Hope it was a stimulus for those who have client, friends, relatives etc. who smoke and are heading into pregnancy. Heading into pregnancy means BOTH the father and the mother. Evidence for the effects of secondary smoke on the developing fetus is significant.  Already known is the effect of secondary smoke on children who have parents who smoke, resulting in bronchitis, asthma and other medical problems (See Addictions Section below).  It seems only fair that the pregnant wife/mother should be joined by her husband in her non-smoking efforts during her pregnancy.  And for the benefit of all, they both commit to remain abstinent from nicotine henceforth.

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ADDICTIONS Army Needs to Double Staff of Alcohol Counselors, General Says

BeerMore soldiers are experiencing problems with alcohol and the Army needs to double its staff of addiction counselors to meet the demand, according to Army vice chief of staff Gen. Peter Chiarelli.  USA Today reported that Chiarelli said that the Army needs roughly 300 more counselors to ensure that soldiers' needs are being met and to cut down on wait time for services.

In 2009, 9,199 soldiers enrolled in alcohol treatment, up 56 percent since 2003; a total of 16,388 sought counseling, up from 11,309 in 2003. "There's no doubt in my mind that since 2001 and being involved in two wars ... that we probably have a higher incidence of alcohol abuse," Chiarelli said.

Alcohol-related problems dwarf cases involving illicit drugs in the Army, accounting for 85 percent of the treatment caseload. The Army currently is 20 percent short of its target for addiction counselors: the service currently seeks to have one counselor for every 2,000 soldiers but wants to lower that to 1 per 1,600 soldiers. (See A Story section below)

A STORY Old News, Same Story
Old News, Same StoryWashington, October 19, 1894 -

Alcoholism is on the increase in the army, according to Dr. J.R. Smith, Surgeon at Governors Island, who reports that several thousand days' labor was lost on this account by troops in the Department of the East this year. Alcoholism comprises a large percentage of the disabilities of the soldier. Fort Porter, NY and Newport Barracks, KY give the greatest proportion of disability from effects of alcohol, a trifle more than 100 cases per thousand of mean strength.

The Surgeon makes a suggestion which may be taken up by the War Department. He says:

It certainly would be naught but justice were there a difference between the pay and allowance of those suffering from the effects of alcohol during the time they are unable to perform their duty in consequence of such causes, and the pay of the soldier who has lost no time from disease or who has lost time only for causes for which he is not responsible through his own self-indulgence and misconduct.

On first thought, you can't hold a person responsible for their disease!  Or can we?  No, on second thought we can't, entirely.  But we can and do hold addicts responsible for their own recovery and avoiding relapse.   On third thought, self indulgence and misbehavior is seen every day in the patients in Addiction rehab programs...right?

DEBATES More on Children

There is a large debate going on regarding the new delivery of nicotine methods the tobacco industry has begun market testing and selling. These produces are supposedly for adults only and do not involve the use of tobacco.  Their designs speak otherwise and speak for themselves...  (See below) Universities, Pediatricians, and Public Health Officials are scrambling to have the FDA address these new products.

 Tobacco Ad
Tobacco Ad

Additionally, these products are flavored.  Other smokeless products are gum, patches, inhalers, strips, sticks, Snus,  and EVEN lollipops!  Most of these products do not quite  deliver the dose or speed of delivery that inhaling cigarettes does.  Many smokers use them simultaneously or in tandem, depending on the situation.

Snus, a tobacco paste, contained in a small teabag like pouch placed under the cheek, has been around since 1822 and is now getting a new push...they are required to have a package warning,
"WARNING- This product may cause gum disease and loss of teeth"

A Q & A campaign has been launched by the R.J. Reynolds as an attempt to educate the public on the ease of use of Snus, to wit:

WHAT IS SNUS? Snus is smokefree, spitfree tobacco that comes in small pouches, which can be placed under the upper lip.

IS SNUS LIKE DIP OR CHEWING TOBACCO? No, snus is pasteurized, and it doesn't require spitting or chewing.

WHY IS SOME SNUS REFRIGERATED? It helps to preserve the quality and flavor. The vast majority of snus in Sweden is refrigerated.

HOW IS IT SPITFREE? Its moisture and low salt content reduces the need for spitting. 

WHERE CAN IT BE USED? Snus can be enjoyed almost anywhere, regardless of the growing smoking bans and restrictions.

WHERE DOES SNUS COME FROM? Snus originated in Sweden in the 1800's and is now used by millions around the world. 

IS SNUS AVAILABLE IN THE UNITED  STATES? Over the past couple of years, snus has become more popular and more available in the United States due to increasing smoking restrictions. 

R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company only markets its tobacco products to legal age tobacco consumers. In order to be eligible to receive mailings from us, you must certify that you are a legal age tobacco consumer and want information and promotions concerning our products. We will also verify that you are of legal age to use tobacco products.

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Smokers use nicotine to dampen their feelings.  We often hear it said this way, "Wow, I need a cigarette!"  or "Be cool, have a Kool..."  Studies are showing that the use of nicotine can cause impotence, some by its effect on blood vessels.  But the effect of nicotine on sexual performance is more than the capacity for turgor (erection and sensitivity of the penis and the clitoris).  Nicotine is an insulator of the emotions and therefore fullness of feelings is absent, and the intimacy we desire is blunted or absent.

The impact on performance can be significant (Like making love in a wet suit).  Passion has been described as a " fullness of feelings".  So even the intimacy after love making is blunted, especially when the smoker says, "Let's have a cigarette..." 

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